The Best Way to Train While Carb Cycling

Carb cycling involves staggering periods of low carb consumption with a high carb day or days. During the low carb days, the body’s insulin levels and blood sugar levels will be stable and low. This is ideal for fat burning. If you need little sample, here you are carb cycling sample diet for you.

After a few days of being on a low carb diet, the body’s metabolism will naturally start to dip. That’s when you incorporate a high carb day to shock the body and get the metabolism roaring again. This will result in accelerated fat loss without reaching at fat loss plateaus.

There is a way to train if you are carb cycling. This is crucial to successful weight loss. If you train wrongly, you’ll sabotage your success. Many beginners and even a few advanced athletes who adopt carb cycling follow their old methods of training and suffer as a result.

During a low carb period, you will want to avoid excessive cardio. It is true that cardio burns fat. However, cardio requires your body to have carbs. It will burn these carbs as fuel. When you’re on a low carb diet, your body will start burning precious muscle for fuel. This is detrimental since you need muscle mass to burn calories.

Furthermore, your metabolism will drop drastically and your fat burning process will halt.

During your low carb days, you may engage in low cardio such as a walk or slow jog. Do not push it. You do not want to be panting and gasping. Just nice to break a light sweat. It is also recommended that you engage in resistance training during the low carb days. This will ensure that you retain your precious muscle, burn some calories and keep your metabolism up.

On the high carb day, you want your training to be intense. Consume pure, natural carbs about an hour before you train. Then, engage in resistance training or high intensity interval training. After the workout, consume more carbs. This will ensure that your muscles have glycogen and fuel. Your metabolism will shoot up and you will be in fat burning mode.

Keep your workouts to about 45 minutes and not longer. During these 45 minutes, give it your all and sweat like your life depended upon it. Use heavier weights and less rest time between sets.

The key point to note during the high carb day is to only consume clean, natural carbs and combine your carbs with a protein to reduce the insulin spike in your body. Also, your calorie intake for a high carb day should not exceed 600 to 700 calories than your maintenance amount.

You can check out your calorie requirements by visiting

There are many more ways to get the best results from carb cycling. However, the best place to get those tips and tricks would be to visit The 4 Cycle Fat Loss website. It is one of the leading websites on this topic and the creator, Shaun Hadsall, is a true master at getting people who shed the stubborn fat quick and easy with carb cycling.

4 Common Carb Cycling Mistakes You Should Never Make

Carb cycling can be simply explained as a form of zig zag dieting. It is a method which uses a period of low carb days with a high carb day every now and then. The theory behind this is that during the low carb days, your body will be in fat burning mode. However, due to the low carbs, it will slowly become more sluggish and your metabolism will drop.

Once this happens, a high carb day will be very beneficial and spike insulin levels and give your metabolism a boost. This will increase fat burning and you will be able to go on another short period of low carbs.

The Carb Cycling method has been proven to be very effective and is employed by the top fitness models and personal trainers around the world. It is sustainable for as long as you wish without being too demanding or stressful on your physical and mental well-being.

However, many beginners make a few common mistakes with carb cycling.

The first mistake is not knowing how long to be on a low carb diet. This will take some experimenting. If you gain weight easily and you are overweight, it may be better to be on a low carb diet for 5 to 6 days. If you have a higher metabolic rate and just wish to lose a few extra pounds, a short period of 3 to 4 days of low carbs followed by a high carb day will suffice.

The important thing is to monitor how your body is reacting to the carb cycling. If there are no positive results, just add another day or two to the low carb period.

The second mistake is not consuming the correct amount of calories daily. You are aiming for a 500 to a 600 calorie deficit daily. You do not want to go above or below this range. If you go below, your fat loss will be slow. If you consume too little calories, your body will go into starvation mode and you will not lose weight either.

Many beginners do not count their calories. Since carbs are calorie dense, when you cut out your carbs, it’s essential to see that your calorie consumption for the day is not below a 500 calorie deficit.

The third mistake is consumption of the wrong types of carbs. You want to eat clean starchy carbs like white or brown potatoes, white or brown rice or other tubers. Eating doughnuts and cakes on your high carb day will not be beneficial. Your diet must be clean and that means your carb intake must be clean too.

The fourth mistake is exceeding your calorie intake on a high carb day. A high carb day is also known as a “cheat day”. Many people go crazy on their cheat day and stuff themselves with all types of junk food. This is wrong. You only want to aim for a caloric surplus of about 600 to 700 calories. That’s it.

If you exceed your calorie intake by 2000 calories, those excess calories are going to be converted to fat. You would have undone your previous low carb cycle. That will be unproductive to say the least. So, watch your calories closely.

There is an excellent resource about carb cycling. It is hailed as the bible of carb cycling and you will learn a lot from it. You may read it at the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution. The creator, Shaun Hadsall, has helped many people lose weight with these awesome tips.

Are Carbs Your Enemy? Find Out the Real Truth

Carbs which are short for carbohydrates have received a real bad reputation. Nobody serious about losing weight is showing carbs any love. There are low carb diets, no carb diets, etc. Even celebrities have come out and said that they barely consume any carbs to maintain their slim, toned figures. So, are carbs really bad for you? Check carb cycling diet menu here.

Carbs can be good and bad for you. When consumed at the right times, carbs can in fact help to boost your metabolism and help you lose more weight. They give you the energy to work out harder and carbs also make you feel better. People on low carb diets often feel sluggish and easily irritated. This is a side effect of low carb diets.

Carbs are you friend and not your enemy. You just need to know which the good carbs are and when to consume them. You’ll also need to be aware of how to combine your carbs with the other macro nutrients for fat loss benefits.

First we’ll examine the negative effects of carbohydrates. The following points were taken from, Shaun Hadsall’s bestselling fat loss guide, The 4 Cycle Solution.

Carbs Impact or “active” carbs spike insulin levels and elevate blood sugar higher and faster than all other macronutrients (proteins and fats). In the presence of high insulin levels it’s pretty much impossible to burn fat as fuel.

Consuming too many unhealthy carbs over lengthy periods of time leads to a lot of internal inflammation, which can eventually lead to other serious health issues; obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. –because it promotes excess fat storage.

Excess carb intake creates a lot of water retention, which leads to a soft look so it makes you look and feel bloated.

Now, let’s look at the positive effects.

Carbs are the purest, most natural forms of fuel, provided you eat the NATURAL carbs from sources like brown or white rice, potatoes, etc. A doughnut is NOT a natural source of carbs. Carbs help to build muscle, boost metabolism, raise thyroid output, keep leptin (your body’s #1 fat burning hormone) levels in check, improve the free testosterone to estrogen ratio for both men and women, burn more lower stomach fat and much more.

This are definitely good reasons to keep carbs in your diet. The benefits are just too many to ignore. In fact, if carbs help you lose weight faster, why would you even want to eliminate them? You’d just substitute bad carbs with good carbs in moderate amounts.

So what are good and bad carbs?

Cakes, doughnuts, white flour products and actually any processed form of carbohydrates are best avoided. Most people have difficulty doing this because of habit. They are so used to eating these comfort foods that giving them up just seems so painful. Making this crucial change to good carbs will make all the difference. Examples of good carbs would be rice, potatoes, quinoa, fruits, etc. Eating these starchy carbs when prepared the correct way, will really benefit you.

Of course, there are a few more factors like combining your carbs and when to consume them. However, those are beyond the scope of this article which just aimed to show you that carbs can be good for you.

If you wish to learn more about how to combine your carbs with other foods and when would be the best time to consume your carbs, you really should visit The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution. Shaun Hadsall, has information that will really help you eat wisely and lose weight at the same time.

Will The 4 Cycle Solution Help Me Lose Weight?

The hard truth is that there if no book, guide, pill, method, technique, etc. that will help you lose weight if you do not apply yourself. These methods only work, if you work them. The key word is effort. That’s what will help you lose weight. Check another useful information here: carb cycling diet menu.

Are you willing to put in the effort? Are you willing to walk the talk? To do what you need to do when the pedal hits the metal and the rubber meets the road?

Yes? Good! Then the 4 Cycle Solution will definitely help you to lose weight fast and furious, if you apply the tips, techniques, plans and advice in the program.

Shaun Hadsall’s latest product has helped thousands of people lose weight fast and reach their goals of a healthier, fitter and better body. The glowing testimonials are proof that his methods work if you follow them.

Unlike most other fitness guides and eBooks which deal with the subject of weight loss, The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution has devoted almost 80 percent of its focus on the diet. You are taught nutrient combinations, nutrient timings and other diet factors that are not known to most people.

This is perhaps the greatest strength of the program. Successful weight loss depends on a healthy and sensible diet and it is not the usual diet tips that most books recommend. The common knowledge found in most books is often outdated based on old studies. For example, many weight loss books will suggest whole meal bread as a healthy option. Shaun shows that this is wrong and it sabotages your efforts.

To lose weight, it is commonly assumed that one needs to do hours of mind numbing cardio, mix in some resistance training and just make minimal changes to the diet since the cardio will fix any dietary issues.

This is totally the opposite of what they should do. A huge part of successful weight loss depends on changes in your diet. Then, you need to throw in some weight training into the mix. Finally, you need to do just a bit of cardio. Not hours of pointless panting. This runs contrary to most advice… But it definitely holds true.

Shaun’s 4 Cycle Program contains a week plan that will teach your body how to access and burn its fat stores. He will show you common mistakes that people make when eating. For example, eating a carbohydrate and a fat at the same time is a huge mistake just like eating a carb on its own. This is cutting edge dietary advice that most trainers or ‘experts’ in the industry are not even aware of.

Small changes make a huge difference when accrued over a period of time. The knowledge gained from the Fat Loss Solution will help anybody interested in weight loss to achieve fast, sustainable results.

Just like any program on the market, the 4 Cycle Solution is not perfect. It does have 1 small flaw. The first week of the program is known as a carb depletion cycle. It lasts 7 days and involves consuming minimal carbs for 7 days. You only get to eat more carbs on the last day. The reason this is a flaw is because it is difficult to do and requires determination and sacrifice.

The sacrifice is definitely worth it because your body will learn how to burn its fat instead of sugars. Once this happens, you will lose weight much faster.
Once you conquer the first week, the remaining 3 weeks are a piece of cake. It all depends on your determination. Are you willing to put up with some discomfort for a week to see the body you have always wanted? Is your desire to shed the awful fat strong enough to overcome your mild discomfort of not eating carbohydrates for a week?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you definitely should check out the 4 Cycle Solution at Shaun Hasdall’s website. It will work wonders for you.

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Motivation

The number #1 reason most people give up on their weight loss goals is because they lose motivation. Losing weight is not an easy process. It requires sacrifice and hard work. For example, here is carb cycling sample diet.

You’ll need to give up your favorite foods and eat right. To make things tougher, you’ll also have to engage in cardio and resistance training to burn off the fat. Now, it’s not the diet or exercise that makes people quit. It is the failure to see results fast enough.

This could be due to a lack of knowledge, improper training or not following a proper diet. However, this article concerns itself with something more unique. It’s about people who are getting results but think they’re not… and they quit! That’s a real pity because they were doing well.

So why did they quit?

They misjudged their results. Many people, who are trying to lose weight, obsess over the numbers on the scale. This is the biggest mistake. Numbers on a scale mean nothing and are a very poor indicator of actual fat loss.

The whole idea of losing weight and getting fit is about looking better and feeling better. Not changing the numbers on a weighing scale. The first thing anyone should do when trying to lose weight is to toss their scale away.

So why are the numbers on a scale unreliable?

The weight on the scale does not take into account body composition. Let’s look at an example. Bob trains and eats right for 4 weeks; he lost 5lbs of fat. During this same period, due to the resistance training he gained 3lbs of lean muscle.

However when Bob weighs himself on a scale all he sees is a loss of 2 measly lbs. Bob thinks to himself, “After all this training and dieting, only 2lbs!”… “To hell with this, I’m quitting.” That’s it. What Bob did not realize as that he lost 5 lbs. of fat and gained muscle. If Bob knew, he’d be totally motivated!

Another reason people lose motivation is gaining weight while on a diet and training regimen. Once again they base their results on the scale.
This usually happens on a cheat day. If you’re carb cycling on your cheat day, you’ll consume more carbs than usual. When you do this, your body will retain more water. Does that mean you gained fat?

No. Your increased weight on the scale is water weight. If you just consume more water on that and the following day, your weight will drop and go back to normal. No big deal at all. Yet, people mistake the gain in weight as a negative result. They quit their training, diet and just throw in the towel.
So how should you track your progress?

That’s an excellent question. Shaun Hadsall, the creator of the wildly popular fat loss guide, The 4 Cycle Solution stated that the best way to track your progress was to take 1 photo of yourself in revealing clothes every week.

Since losing weight is about looking good, this is the best way to see your body change before your eyes. One photo on the same day every week will show you how much your body is changing.

This is an excellent tip. In fact, it is recommended that you visit Shaun’s website, The 4 Cycle Solution to learn more tips about fat loss. The information is really good and thousands of people have benefitted from it.

Discover One of the Most Powerful Fat Loss Methods

This article will reveal to you one of the best fat loss methods on the planet. It will give you results so fast that you will be stunned. Just about everyone who adopted this method lose weight very quickly. One sample carb cycling recipe can you find here carb cycling diet menu.

There is a catch though. This method takes discipline and it will take your body about a week or two to adjust to it but once it does, you’ll shed the fat fast and furiously.

This method is known as intermittent fasting. Many trainers in the fitness industry know about this but most of the general public is unaware of this unique method that was developed by Martin Berkhan and his Lean Gains philosophy. The intermittent fasting method becomes even more powerful when you combine it with Shaun Hadsall’s, 4 Cycle Fat Loss program. Nothing can stop you then and you will achieve your dream body, if you stick with the plan.

Most people trying to lose weight would have heard of low carb diets, eating small meals a day, etc. Intermittent fasting however is much simpler, in concept. When you adopt intermittent fasting, you will split your day into 2 parts.

The first part is the fasting phase. This lasts for 16 hours continuously. You are not allowed to consume any food or calorie laden drinks. You may guzzle as much water as you wish though. In fact, it is highly recommended that you drink lots of water.

The second part is the feeding phase. This lasts for 8 hours. During these 8 hours, you must consume all your required calories for the day. Of course, you will need to be at a caloric deficit. You can calculate your caloric requirements by visiting you

Once you have determined your caloric deficit number, you will need to consume all of these calories within the eight hours eating window. That means you can have 3 large meals during the 8 hour window. It’s so much simpler than eating 6 small meals which can be highly inconvenient if you’re working a job that does not allow you to keep running off to eat small meals.

The theory behind intermittent fasting is that the body will have 16 hours to burn off all the food you ate. Usually this is done in about 5 hours. For the remaining 11 hours during the fasted state, your body will have no choice but to burn its fat stores for energy. It’s a very effective plan.

The difficulty arises when people are unable to get over the hump of just trying to eat for only 8 hours a day. Many people eat round the clock as and when they like. This means that even while sleeping, the body is digesting food. How on earth are you going to lose weight?

Adopt the intermittent fasting method and your fat loss results will go through the roof. Of course, it really helps if you know how to combine your nutrients and how to exercise effectively to lose weight. Did you know that 20 minutes of intense cardio can be more beneficial than 60 minutes of slow jogging?

You may learn some of the best weight loss methods and trips by visiting The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website. You will gain all the info you need to lose weight fast and keep fat away. It doesn’t get better than that!

Will Carb Cycling Help Me To Become Muscular and Lean?

Definitely. Carb cycling when done correctly is one of the best ways to trim off the fat and retain your muscle mass. Many men are constantly looking for a way to burn off fat and gain muscle at the same time. Here is sample of carb cycling diet menu.

Carb cycling is the answer. The worry that most men have is that they will lose muscle mass along with their fat. This is true with conventional dieting and other fat loss methods. However, since carb cycling involves both caloric deficit and surplus, you will be able to do both, gain muscle and lose fat.

The traditional way bodybuilders used to get muscular was to have a bulking and cutting phase. During the bulking phase, they would eat as much calories as possible. They’d get muscular but they’d also get fat. During the cutting phase, they’d try and lose the fat and hold on to as much muscle as they could. Often, they lose a lot of muscle too. A waste of time and effort.

Carb cycling enables one to do both at once. There are 2 phases to carb cycling. The low carb phase and the high carb phase. On days of intense, heavy training, you will have a high carb intake. This will ensure that your body has fuel to workout hard. You will also allow your body to recover since the carbs will be used in muscle recovery.

During your off days, your carb intake will be minimal. This will ensure that your insulin levels are stable. The caloric deficit that you are in will create a fat burning environment in your body. You can also consume healthy fats during your off days.

It is never a good idea to eat your carbs and fats at the same time. The carbs will cause insulin spike in your body. If there are fats present during the insulin spike, the conditions for fat storage in the body are ideal. You definitely want to avoid this.

On your high carb days, you want your workouts to be intense and heavy. Lift the heavier weights, perform the compound movements and create an oxygen deficit. Your workouts should ideally last from 45 minutes to not longer than an hour.

On your low carb days, you may engage in low intensity cardio such as slow jog or walk. This will keep your body active and in fat burning mode constantly.
The key point to note is that your weekly calorie intake must be maintained. If you can only consume 16, 000 calories per week to lose a pound of fat per week, you’ll need to stick to this number.

Then assuming you have 3 intense workout days per week, your daily calorie intake during each of these 3 days will be about 300 to 600 calories more than a low carb day.

This may seem a little complicated but it’s really simple once you get the hang of it. Going into details is beyond the scope of this article. There is an excellent website dedicated to carb cycling and how you can get lean and muscular. If you wish to learn more about carb cycling, you may visit The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website.

5 Fat Loss Tips You Can Use Today

A survey that was recently conducted showed that the number one New Year resolution broken by most people is the one concerning weight loss, getting in shape or going to the gym more often. Gym membership sales always peak around December to end January. However, by March or early April, most of these new members ‘disappear’ and just stop showing up. Find information about carb cycling sample diet here..

The big question is… WHY?

Why do people quit their training? Why do they lose motivation? Why do they waste money?

The answer is simple. People quit because losing weight is really tough and it’s not an overnight process. The concept of weight loss is simple. Application however, is difficult. Understanding that you need to burn more calories than you consume is easy. Giving up that yummy pizza that is just so tempting is difficult.

When pople don’t see results fast after all that suffering and sacrifice, they lose motivation. They give up. They quietly forget about their resolution… till the next New Year.

This article was written with 5 tips to help you lose more weight in the same period of time with the same amount of exercise. These tips are courtesy of Shaun Hadsall, who wrote the very popular guide, The 4 Cycle Solution. The highly effective guide helps people lose as much fat as possible in the shortest time possible. It’s a bestseller.

1. Use the 5 tips below and combine them with a sensible training program and you will see results much faster. Make no mistake. It won’t happen overnight, but you will see faster results than the average person who doesn’t have a clue about losing weight.

2. Cut out wheat and limit your intake of grains. This one action alone will help you greatly. Avoiding the morning cereals and other wheat based products as these will cause blood sugar spikes and raise your insulin levels. Yup! That means giving up your favorite whole wheat bread too.

3. Avoid corn, soy products and all types of fructose, especially high fructose corn syrup. Most processed foods contain one or all of these ingredients. Sodas are a huge cause of obesity in the United States. Guzzling sodas has led to all kinds of health problems and despite knowing this, people still drink more soda than water in a day. It’s insane!

4. Try to limit your intake of dairy to one or two servings daily and avoid consuming store bought milk. If you must consume milk, do it on weight/resistance days within one hour afterwards to take advantage of the extra insulin and milk sugars. This may be contrary to what you have heard that milk is good for you and your bones, etc. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to lose fat, lose the milk.

Try to buy your dairy, eggs, meats and produce from a local farm or local farmer’s market. You can find some of the healthiest, best tasting foods in the world at dirt cheap prices at these local markets.

5. Avoid canola oil and all vegetable based oils and stick with small amounts of extra virgin olive oils, coconut oils and grass fed butter.
These 5 tips revolve around your diet because 75 percent of your weight loss depends on your diet. Changing your diet will have tremendous positive effects on your health and fat loss.

The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more changes you can make to both your diet and exercise. Small changes that have huge results. You can learn more by visiting The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website. You will be amazed.

3 Crucial Fat Loss Components

This may have happened to you or you may know someone it has happened to. You’re trying to lose weight so you’re doing the whole exercise and diet thing. You’re eating the six small meals, doing the cardio and even hitting the weights…. but… Click on link if you need information about carb cycling diet menu.

The fat is just NOT coming off!

This is mental torture! Why will it not work? Why?

As with most problems, the solution is simple. You just need to know it. This article will tell you why.

Insulin. This is the reason why.

Most people struggling to lose weight have no idea that they need to control their insulin levels and should not cause spikes in their blood sugar levels. In his bestselling guide, The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, Shaun Hadsall, states that nutrient timing nutrient combinations and portion control are 3 points on a food pyramid that must be closely monitored.

Only by understanding these 3 factors, can you keep insulin in check. You must understand that insulin is a storage hormone and plays a huge part in how your body stores fat.

When the insulin levels in your body are high, it’ll be next to impossible to burn body fat. Eating the wrong foods in the wrong combinations and at the wrong times will cause you to have insulin spikes. For example, consuming a sugary cereal for breakfast in the morning is definitely going to send your insulin levels shooting through the root.

There are occasions when insulin spikes can be beneficial. Spiking your insulin levels before and after workouts will help to “shuttle” nutrients and “partition” carbs into muscle tissue for repair and growth. You can learn how to do this by visiting The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website.
However, for the most part, we want our insulin levels and blood sugar level to be steady and stable.

So, how do you keep them stable?

Firstly, you need to eat your meals at regular intervals. Not too close or too far apart. If your meals are too close, your insulin levels go up. You’ll feel tired and sluggish because of raised blood sugar levels.

You may have noticed that many people at work complain that they are sleepy after lunch hour. That’s because their blood sugar has gone up.

Secondly, it’d be a good idea to eat your starchy carbs and fruits early in the day or after intense workout sessions.

Thirdly, never eat a carb by itself. Always combine it with a high quality protein. This will reduce the effect of the carb on the insulin levels.
Another way to keep insulin levels stable is to limit your fat when eating starches or carbs. When insulin and fat are present at the same time the potential for fat storage arises. This is always a bad idea.

The tips in this article are just scratching the surface and were taken from The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website. There are many more pointers and helpful tips that one can learn from this guide. Testimonials from people all over the world show that the methods work. Do check it out and get the body you always wanted.

The Secrets of Carb Cycling for Fast Fat Loss

Carb cycling is a method that many fitness models and professional athletes use to trim off their body fat and get into shape. It is a highly effective tool for losing fat fast. Yet, most people who are struggling to lose weight have no idea about this method. They spend countless hours on the treadmill or pounding the tracks only to see measly results. (For better result check it first carb cycling diet menu)

Carb cycling requires one to adopt a cyclic ketogenic diet. That’s a big term but it simply means that you will be on a low carbohydrate diet for a few days and then shock your body with periods of intermediate or high carbohydrate meals.

This is perfect for boosting metabolism, accelerating fat loss and giving the body the energy it needs to engage in high-intensity exercise, which will in turn boost metabolism and burn even more fat.

Unlike conventional diets such as the Atkins diet, Lemonade diet, or other fad diets, carb cycling is a method that can be adopted as a way of life. It is not highly restrictive and does not place undue stress on a person the way strict diets do.

In fact, carb cycling has seen a surge in popularity lately and one of the best guides on the market is “The 4 Cycle Solution” by Shaun Hadsall. It covers the topic in depth and helps people shorten the learning curve and avoid the common carb cycling mistakes.

The 4 main mistakes that most people who are starting off on a carb cycling routine make involve proper food choices, nutrient timing, nutrient combinations and nutrition portion control.

If you are constantly eating the wrong foods, you are going to see minimal results or in some cases, negative results. That is going to be real depressing because everyone hopes to see positive results with effort expended. Or else, it’s all pointless right? So, eating the correct foods really matters.

The next mistake is in the timing. Eating your carbs and proteins at the wrong times will impact you negatively.For example, consuming your carbs late in the day is not going to help you. The best time to consume your carbs is early in the day. This will give your body sufficient time to burn it off.

Nutrient combinations are another factor that many people are not even aware of. If you are not combining your proteins, carbs and fats in the correct manner, your body will not be in a fat burning mode. Now, all this may sound complicated to the normal person but it’s quite simple. An example would be to combine your carbs with a protein food so that you do not spike your blood sugar and raise insulin levels. This is crucial.

The fourth mistake is portion control. You need to consume the correct amounts of carbs, proteins and fats daily. You should have balance and the diet must consist of all the required nutrients. By consuming too much of any one nutrient, you will be throwing your diet off balance and impact your fat loss journey negatively.

All these often seem overwhelming to a beginner. There seems to be so many rules, conditions and it’s information overload. However, this is just an illusion. Carb cycling is a simple process with only a few rules. Eat the right foods at the right time and in the right quantities. That’s it.

The problem arises when you look at information from too many contradicting sources. It would be best to just get your advice from one reliable source that has proven itself. You may wish to check out The 4 Cycle Fat Loss guide. It’s one of the best out there.